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  •   TheCodeWorks is a Digital Consulting company which offers customized strategy, graphic design, Website development and online marketing to small and medium sized businesses. Our ingenuity, creativity, professionalism and the principles that we focus on within our four core competencies are unparalleled in the industry.

    We partner with our clients to create more than just Websites...
    We create an Internet Presence.
    What is a Digital Consultancy?
    A Digital Consultancy is a company (or companies) that provides digital strategy, technology implementation and design that can offer full services ranging from strategic analysis to back-end technology integration. We implement the creation of a strategic partner-based entity in order to create a full-service business solution for our clients and to help them survive and excel in the fast moving world of e-Business. This consultancy will assist a business in creating a platform to mirror its capabilities through a website or to provide its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners with a portal to access information and to increase business efficiency.
    What is Presence? Presence is Everything:
    • Leveling the competitive playing field - Making a sole proprietor appear to be in direct competition with a Fortune 500 company
    • Fully utilizing the power of Internet technologies
    • Creating a site that will cause people to talk & will make competitors envious
    • Setting the industry standard regarding design, usability and powerful content
    • A site where people can find what they are looking for easily, but choose to stay longer, and have a reason to come back
    • Creating a site that makes people want to do business with you
    Clients hire TheCodeWorks because they not only want a Web site, they want to create a PRESENCE on the Internet. A presence is created by spending the time to make sure it is done right. Consulting, professional design, technological development, and marketing are the cornerstones to creating presence. Anything less will not result in success on the Internet.
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